Bengal lives to 20 years!
They have a very robust health and vitality.

They leave our breeding with a the contract, all vaccinations till then done, microchiped, with an european ID and a small bag of gifts for the first days.

We ship our kittens worldwide. If you want to pick up your little darling, then you need a transport box, and for home few beds (they like to change their sleeping places), litter and Litterbox.

Give me a ride:
While you drive, please never let the kitten run around! You might take him on your lap as it can feel very trapped in the box, but hold on and keep an eye on him. If they are a couple, and so you have picked up sibling, the whole procession looks very cuddly. Classical music soothes a lot. Please appease the baby not too much, then it believes the opposite, that there must be something. Plug the kitten with your serenity and inner peace.

Moove into new home:
Let the kitten slowly explore the new apartment. If it asking, reply affectionately with their name. If you have already cats living at home, so you can get used to the new kitten, and they to you and the environment, if they stay first for a week in a separate room and just later on with the rest of the “family”. For the harmony it can be very helpful when you caress the new kitten and afterwards your other cats. You can also use a very small splash of your perfume on the neck of him. Or in addition to all play with them at the same time and feed out of your hand all along.

Several water bowls should be distributed in the apartment, but not near to the feeding place. Most suitable are fountain and very large flat bowls. This encourages the kitten to drink, and the more they drink, the better it is for kidney and urinary tract. Particularly important if you feed dry food and for the boys.

Changes in food should happen in a period of time about one week.The food should always be offered free disposal to avoid binge eating and thus obesity. A cat eats an average of up to 24 small meals a day. Correspondingly, the gastro-intestinal tract is constructed. I feed them in the morning wet food. Preferably beef, which also makes the feces harder. The rest of the day they get dry food (premium food), which contains all the important ingredients for their body balance.

There should be at least two litter boxes. Because cats like to separate the places of one another, in which they perform large and small little business. The “Litterbox” closes the smell very well. In addition, I use small scented sachets that are available in pet shops.
At best is fine sand (for softly petty pows), and clumping cat litter that binds the smell most.

Climbing and scratching trees:
There are innumerable designs and it is always a matter of taste. But make sure that the kitten get not only well up, but also could come confortable back down. Otherwise they jump down from to great heights, although their joints are not strong enough yet. Table height is still definitely too high for kitten.

We have a very nice “tower”, which also provides a passageway inside each in different corner from floor to floor. There is anough space at least for two to three kitten. He fits perfectly into any corner and decorated the room great.
They likes to sleep on top of it, safe from “enemies” and everything in sight.
They love it!


They are always ready to play:
Their favorite game is hide and seek – calls “catch me!” and the wand – the spring fronds.
That for are suitable; a tunnel, a blanket or towel, or a laundry bag. Everything what- attached to a thin rubber – jumps. Paper ball, empty toilet paper roll or empty paper towels roll, ping-pong balls, fur mice, valerian pillows, cardboard boxes (preferably with holes), paper bags – but please without handles. Gife your imagination no bounds and the kittens also are always looking for something new what fascinates them. All unknown is for them a challenge value to explore. Of course, over all they love to play together!
Behavior problems stem mostly from the fact that lonely cats are unchallenged and are left too long by them one. Furthermore, you can’t stop laugh to watch them while, and especially how, they play together. Also, how loving they preen each other is just too cute. And straightway we understand that as a man I can give them that love only by a companion.

What the cat does not like;
is to be pulled at their ears or tail. Placed on the back and carried like this around like it would be a baby. You may take them like a neck bite, but only while the kitten sits entirely on the ground. Never lift it up, it is for that already too heavy! Also pay attention to indoor plants, because a lot of them may be extremely toxic to cats and sometimes even killing.

And everything that is off limits to small for children it is of course off limits for kittens:

  • small objects that can be swallowed
  • plastic films and bags
  • rinsing and cleaning agents
  • hot plates
  • power cords and receptacles
  • boiling water, etc.

And above all, you need to save your home, windows and balconies before your kitten comes. The greatest risks of injury are falls from balconies or windows, be mashed in a door slot and hung windows. Contrary to popular opinion fall from the first-floor may already go along with fatal consequences. Back up especially around balconies and throughout the full height. Bengal are champions at climbing and jumping and explore your weaknesses. As early as age kittens these properties are defined.
Never misconceive one Begale! :-)

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.