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The goal of our breeding program is genetically healthy, mentally strong, well socialized Bengals with ultra short fur, high contrast, verry glittered, slim athletic bodies and of course a pretty face. That for we choose carefully the selection of the parents and of course also in the rearing. We take a lot of time for it and effort to make everyone happy with the results. Our genpool is imported from the best breeders in the world. We select carefully for our breeder aim and on the same time take always care about sweet chrachters and strong immune system.

As noted previously, we do not recommend to keep a single Bengal. They are extremely social, sociable and active. Loneliness often leads to problems of behavior. It need not to be necessarily two cats, a Bengal is compatible and harmonious very well with other cats, extremely well even to a dog. You should only differ by age, not too far. Incidentally Bengals are also very fond of children.

If you decide to take two Bengal cats, then it does not matter if there are two girls or a girl and a boy. If they come from one litter ore house, they already know each other and will always love and care for one another.

If you would even like to have three kittens, it is advisable to bring two girls and a boy.

If you choose from us sibling, then we would give you a discount, because we like to know our kittens stay in a family.

Our kittens can leave with 16 weeks already neutered without any risk to you. Of course with a the contract, all vaccinations till then done, microchiped, with an european ID and a small bag of gifts for the first days.

The early neutering has some benefits:

  • It prevents long-term studies, uterine, breast, prostate and similar infections!
  • They remain agile and playful and they are after neutering also much more affectionate, since no rank fights and territorial markers are needed.
  • Also, the coat can become more beautiful and soft.

If you decide for a special kitten, we will reserve it for you with pleasure for a deposit of 400 Euro. When you decide later on differently, and would prefer to adopt a dog, unfortunately, we can not return it to you. :-)

For pets
1500€ to 2000€

For a exquisit cat ore for exhibition
2500€ to 3500€

This kitten is available. Feel free to enquire.

This kitten is on hold for reservation list or is maybe a keeper, but he might become available.

Means that we are keeping this kitten for our own breeding program. He is not available.

This kitten is sold.

We already have a waiting list for the next planned litter.

Don’t hesitate to contact us without any obligation and we will remind you in time.